Artists & Ensembles

Since its foundation in 2005, Ensemble Metamorphosis has positioned itself on the Serbian classical music scene as an exciting group offering outstanding and innovative interpretations of the classical repertoire as well as music by local and international contemporary composers.
Susanne Fröhlich is a recorder player and, in addition to old and traditional music, devotes herself above all to contemporary music, improvisation and new concert formats.
Katherina Haverich is a performance and media artist working in digital and physical sequences at the intersection of virtual reality, film and theater.
In his work, composer and guitarist Marc Sinan explores new ways of collaboration between artists in a transcultural and transmedial context.
The dancer and choreographer Deva Schubert deals in her work with the dynamics of interactions. She is at the intersection of installations, digital media, and performances that combine dance and voice.
Tilmann Hecker is a director and stage designer whose work explores how to convey music as a state of consciousness.
The KULA Compagnie is a transnational and multilingual theater ensemble that is particularly concerned with collective work and artistic encounters.
Mirko Borscht is a director and video artist. At the center of his film-aesthetic works is a radical examination of contemporary discourses.
One of our closest partners is the Marc Sinan Company. The collaboration has grown steadily over the past 15 years. Together we have realized the ambitious projects in our portfolio.
For the internationally sought-after Trio Catch, the interpretation of contemporary music of the classical is the main focus of his work.
Holger Kuhla is a dramaturge at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin and works freelance for various docu-fictional performances with composer Marc Sinan, among others.
Chris Ziegler works as a director, performer and artist in the performing and digital arts, currently on projects involving VR, AI and AR.
An intensive partnership connects us with SPREEHALLE BERLIN – Berlin’s new production and performance venue for transmedia and transcultural music, art & performance. Since 2020, we have been operating this together with the communications agency NurBaute.
The Trickster Orchestra performs in changing line-ups and sizes. His collective includes outstanding musicians and singers from genres such as electronic and new music, global classical music traditions, jazz, early music, weird pop and free improvisation.
The seven concert and opera soloists, from coloratura soprano to countertenor to black bass, see themselves above all as researchers and explorers. In order to pave the way for the new, the Neue Vocalsolisten regularly work with established and young composers in researching new sounds, vocal techniques and vocal forms of expression.


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